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Botox Cosmetic New Mexico

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What is BOTOX® Cosmetic?

If you’re considering treatment with BOTOX Cosmetic in Albuquerque, AlluraDerm MD would be an excellent choice. Our Albuquerque office is proud to be the No. 1 BOTOX provider in New Mexico!

BOTOX is the #1 brand of muscle relaxant used for cosmetic or aesthetic purposes. BOTOX is an Allergan product that has been used for medical purposes since 1977.

It was first FDA-approved for cosmetic use to improve the appearance of the vertical lines between your eyes in 2002, then crow’s feet around the eyes in 2013, and finally the horizontal lines across the forehead in 2017.

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How does BOTOX Cosmetic work?

When injected appropriately BOTOX causes the muscles, that are around your eyes when you smile, frown or raise your brows to relax. This helps prevent wrinkles from forming or worsening due to those expressions.

Even if the wrinkles are already present when you are not making an expression, BOTOX is able to reduce the mechanical stress on your skin, allowing your skin to heal those lines naturally. When injected appropriately and when the patients follow the recommended treatment regiment, even the lines that persist may fade away.

Patients who have lines that look extreme when making an expression can have a softer appearance and prevent lines from forming.

Why choose AlluraDerm MD Med Spa for BOTOX Cosmetic?

Best Top BOTOX Injectors:

As one of the most sought-after injectors in the Southwest, Dr. Victor Mancha has been performing BOTOX longer than most providers in New Mexico. He is in the TOP 1% of BOTOX providers in the nation and a TOP injector in the state. It is Dr. Mancha’s specialized training in aesthetic medicine that uniquely qualifies him to perform medical and cosmetic treatments to help his clients reach their skin care goals.

Most trustworthy: Every BOTOX and filler treatment is provided EXCLUSIVELY by Dr. Mancha or Dr. Sherry Hazini. Even though we are never the cheapest, we perform far more BOTOX and Juvederm collection of fillers than anyone in the state because our results speak for themselves.

Most genuine: Our ranking of TOP 50 is given by the makers of BOTOX based on the volume of BOTOX used every year.

Because BOTOX is performed every hour of every day at AlluraDerm, the BOTOX used is always fresh, genuine, and precise. Despite this, Dr. Mancha and Dr. Hazini will be the first to tell you if BOTOX is not right for you.

The results speak for themselves. To determine if you are a good candidate for BOTOX Cosmetic, give us a call to schedule your complimentary consultation.

During this consultation, our skincare specialists will learn about your medical history and personal appearance goals; this enables them to recommend the best treatments and procedures to safely and effectively meet your goals.

Request a complimentary consultation online, or call AlluraDerm MD Med Spa at (505) 821-9630.

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Dr. Victor M. Mancha has the talent and vast experience in aesthetic medicine that can help you bring out the best in your skin. Get to know more about our doctors and how they can help you surpass your aesthetic goals.

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Where can BOTOX Cosmetic help?

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BOTOX Cosmetic is FDA approved to improve the appearance of the lines between your eyes when you frown, the lines radiating from the corners of your eyes when you smile and the horizontal lines on your forehead when you raise your forehead.

Other common areas are not FDA approved but are often performed include reshaping the brows, under eye wrinkles, bunny lines, gummy smiles, vertical lip lines, lip flips, chin dimpling, frowning mouth, jaw contouring for the jawline and vertical neck bands.

Why use BOTOX Cosmetic?

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BOTOX is the most used cosmetic muscle relaxer in the U.S.A. It has been reported that more than 75% of cosmetic muscle relaxer users use BOTOX. BOTOX is also the first brand that is FDA approved for cosmetics use and has the most FDA-approved indications. Unlike surgery, it requires no recovery time or downtime.

Although some suggest that Dysport (Galderma), Xeomin (Merz), and Jeuveau (Evolus) are BOTOX alternatives, they are not the same product and do not have the same results. Also, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau were FDA-approved later and have fewer FDA-approved areas than BOTOX. Together, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau patients make up approximately 25% of all cosmetic muscle relaxer users.

BOTOX FAQ — AlluraDerm MD Med Spa

When it comes to erasing your lines and wrinkles, nobody loves you like AlluraDerm MD Med Spa.

A: BOTOX is an amazingly safe wrinkle treatment. It’s precise, predictable, and people love it — and you can tell your aunt it’s definitely NOT botulism. It’s a natural biologic, a highly purified protein that, when administered, stops the signal that normally tells muscles to contract — so they stay relaxed.

A: Unlike those wrinkle creams you tried, BOTOX keeps its promises and really does work like a Magic Eraser on lines and wrinkles. BOTOX injections have been used worldwide for more than 20 years. And in our many years of medical practice, we have yet to experience anything as effective and consistent in erasing frown lines, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet. Contact us for a consultation.


A: BOTOX is a surprisingly affordable wrinkle treatment. You can easily soften those crow’s feet you hate for up to 4 months for less than $1 a day! BOTOX cost is quite low – our typical patients are treated in all of the three areas (i.e. crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead wrinkles) about every 3–4 months for less than $4.50 a day. Coffee or wrinkles? You choose! Contact us for a consultation.


A: BOTOX has many brands that are cheaper than BOTOX. BOTOX can also be bought in unofficial markets, which may or may not be legitimate BOTOX. Official BOTOX must be delivered to an official BOTOX account. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell if BOTOX is genuine or diluted, which will reduce the price.

It is best practice to go to a reputable injector since there will be no issues with the 

A: BOTOX is a medical injection procedure. Although BOTOX is generally safe, it is not for everyone. The providers at AlluraDerm are able to determine who is a candidate for treatment and provide one-on-one consultations to determine if BOTOX is right for every patient we see.

Since everyone has different anatomy, BOTOX may not be a suitable solution for everyone or every area of concern. Even though we perform more BOTOX cosmetics than anyone in the state, we have turned patients away for medical safety reasons.

BOTOX cosmetic injections are usually safe with few side effects which are short-lived. For example, there may be injection site swelling, mild tenderness, injection spot redness, and itching. These typically do not last more than a few hours. Bruising is not common but can usually be covered by makeup and resolves in days. Rarely, some may experience flu-like symptoms.

In the nation, the complication rate of headache is 9%, eyelid drooping is 3%, eyebrow drooping is 2% and eyelids swelling is 1%. Because of our proprietary injection techniques, the complication rate is significantly less than the national average.

A: BOTOX is a highly purified form of protein, botulinum Type A. The protein is produced by the bacteria clostridium botulinum and stabilized by a small amount of human albumin (protein) and frozen.

The BOTOX protein has a bigger 100kd subunit which is important for bringing the smaller 50kd subunit into the nerve. This smaller subunit stops the neurotransmitter (acetylcholine) packets that are floating in your nerves from docking (SNAP-25 of the SNARE complex) and releasing the neurotransmitter to the muscle.

Since the message to contract a muscle is not transmitted, the muscle does not contract and the mechanical stress on the skin is reduced. Since the skin has a capacity to regenerate depending on the health of the skin, healing of the wrinkle or potential wrinkle can occur.

Clostridium Botulinum is found naturally in many places and normally do not cause anyone to become sick. However, under certain conditions e.g. when there is low oxygen, sugar, acid, and salt, the bacteria spores can produce a large number of toxins that can make people sick. This extremely rare sickness is collectively known as Botulism.

The CDC recognizes 5 types of Botulism:

-Food: Eating homemade foods that have been contaminated with botulinum toxin especially improperly preserved, fermented, or canned food.

-Wound: Cuts in the skin and contaminated with the spores of the bacteria and poor wound healing resulting in conditions that are toxin.

-Infant Intestinal: Spores get into the infant’s intestine and produce toxin

-Adult Intestinal: Spores get into an adult’s intestine and produce toxin

-Iatrogenic: Botulinum protein injected therapeutically for medical or cosmetic conditions. The majority of these cases are off-label or non-FDA use of the BOTOX type injection for cerebral palsy children.

A: BOTOX is a protein produced by Clostridium botulinum that relaxes muscles. It is very safe and was initially used for medical reasons before cosmetic use.

In the 1970s, it was used to treat cross-eyes by injecting BOTOX into the muscles outside the eyeball inside the eye socket. In the 1980s, it was used to treat eyelids spasm or blepharospasm, and in the 1990s, it was used to treat severe neck and shoulder contractions known as cervical dystonia.

By 2002, BOTOX cosmetic was FDA approved for the glabella area to treat the frown lines between the eyes. By 2004, it was approved to treat a medical condition called axilla hyperhidrosis or excessively sweaty underarms. In 2010, it was FDA approved to treat chronic migraine headaches refractory to conventional medications.

In 2013, BOTOX was FDA approved to treat crows’ feet (wrinkles radiating from the corners of the eyes upon smiling). In the same year, it was FDA approved to treat incontinence due to bladder muscle spasms.

In 2016, it was FDA approved to treat upper and lower limb spasticity in adults, and in 2017 it was FDA approved to treat the horizontal lines on the forehead.

How Much Does BOTOX Cost?

BOTOX cost varies greatly depending on a variety of criteria. Price is dependent on factors like the number of injections required and the number of wrinkles being treated. Please contact our office for more information.

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To find out more about receiving BOTOX Cosmetic in Albuquerque, contact AlluraDerm MD, a trusted and well-respected BOTOX provider. Arrange your consultation today. During a consultation, you can look at before and after photos and find out more about the treatment.

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