During the hot summer months, skin health is on everybody’s mind. With such a high risk of skin cancer right here in New Mexico, everyone worries and takes extra precautions to protect their skin with sunscreen. However, we may start to neglect our skin’s health during the rest of the year.

Maintaining healthy skin is not hard and can be maintained year-round with these tips.

  • Be Aware of the Sun:

Easy to remember during the summer, especially since we have our sunscreen handy (be sure it’s at least SPF 20), but you need be aware of the sun all year. Even if it’s a cool day, if you plan on being in the sun for several hours, don’t forget the sunscreen, protective clothing, and a hat.

  • Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle:

This includes a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and not smoking. By eating healthy you’ll not only look and feel great, but you’re also helping your body maintain its vigor and great looks! Staying hydrated is always important because it flushes out toxins and keeps you looking radiant. Not smoking is obvious, but it’s true that smoking can cause wrinkles!

  • Take Care of Your Skin:

You may live a healthy lifestyle, but you also need to be sure to treat your skin well, too. Remember to moisturize your skin, avoid using strong soaps, shave carefully, and limit your bath time—your body does need some of its oils. Remember to spoil and treat your skin. Take good care of it to keep it looking its best!

  • Don’t Be Afraid of Your Doctor:

For some odd reason people avoid their doctor like the plague. Doctors are your friends! If you develop a skin condition, don’t be afraid to immediately consult your doctor. It may not be a serious condition, but it can impact the look of your skin and can even develop into something serious if left untreated.

  • Do the Little Things:

Believe it or not, living a happier lifestyle can also contribute to the look of your skin as well. Reduce your stress levels—high stress can lead to acne breakouts and more sensitive skin. Be sure to smile, too. Not only will you live longer but frown lines have a much bigger impact on your face than smile lines do!

Taking care of your skin isn’t hard and is something that too many people neglect. It’s important to remember your skin during the hot summer months, and time in the sun, but remember that once the temperatures drop in the coming months that you can’t forget about caring for your skin!