Maintain a healthy complexion with the right routine.

Maintain a healthy complexion with the right routine.

It’s time to get personable with your skincare routine.

Having a close relationship with your skin is essential in maintaining a healthy complexion, so why not take the time to get know your skin a little bit better?

Getting Personal with Your Skin

Want clear, supple, radiant skin? It is extremely important to have a skincare routine that is personalized to your exact needs.

By diagnosing the type of skin you have, you can decide what type of skin care products you need to include in your regimen and how often to use them. Understanding your skin type can also help in determining what products to steer clear of that might irritate, dry out or damage your skin.

But do you know what skin type you have or do you know how to find your type?

Consulting with a Professional

At AlluraDerm MD Med Spa, we help clients get clearer, brighter-looking skin beginning with a free consultation.

The consultation is essential in helping AlluraDerm aestheticians get to the bottom of issues that are affecting your skin like excessive oiliness, dehydration or acne. The entire process is very individualized.

Once the consultation has ended, the regimens our professional aestheticians recommend include a combination of professional treatments and maintaining your skin care routine at home with the proper pharmaceutical-grade skincare products.

Keeping Up with Daily Tasks

In order to maintain your skin care routine, you must perform simple tasks as well. Control acne breakouts by washing makeup brushes monthly with gentle soap and water. This will help rid bacteria growth.

Also, think about changing your pillow case frequently. At night, your skin sheds dead skin cells, and replenishes with new ones. However, those dead skin cells can stay on your pillow for a long time, leading to bacteria buildup. By lying on this pillow at night, you are exposing your clean skin to the old bacteria, and possibly causing a breakout.

In any case, be proactive when it comes to your skin care routine, your skin will thank you!

Skincare Experts in Albuquerque

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