Do your skin a favor this winter.

Do your skin a favor this winter.

Brr! The winter chill is upon us and even though you’re bundled up every time you leave the house, it’s vital that your skin stays hydrated during the cold, harsh weather.

Dryness can cause your skin irritation, which can become uncomfortable. And, only applying lotion isn’t going to cut it. You must keep your skin smooth and supple during the winter!

It only takes a few simple steps to keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated during the chill factor we like to call winter.

Drink More H20

It’s very simple. To keep your skin hydrated, you must keep your body hydrated. It is crucial to drink water every day. Water keeps your insides hydrated, and removes daily toxins that affect your skin. Drinking water is important more than ever during the winter.

Use Humidifiers

Using the heater during the winter is a must, but using it can significantly dry out your home. Try using a humidifier at home. This will reintroduce moisture back into your home and pores. Leave it on while sleeping, so your skin looks refreshed and hydrated.

Avoid Hot Water

It’s more common than not that after a day of dealing with cold, harsh weather we want to jump into a hot steaming shower. Well, as relaxing as that may sound, hot water can severely dry out your skin.

Hot water robs your skin of moisture and will cause your skin to become itchy and rough.

Lock In Moisture

After hopping out of the shower, don’t completely wipe off the water from your skin, pat it down with your towel. This will keep your skin slightly damp and it will thank you for the extra hydration. After patting dry, apply your moisturizer to seal in the moisture from your shower.

OR Try These Helpful Products

At AlluraDerm, we offer some of the best replenishing and healing products to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized during the chilly winter months.

AlluraDerm offers a TNS Body Lotion™ by SkinMedica® that will not only improve the appearance of aging, but also hydrate your dry, damaged skin. This particular lotion will instantly smooth and soften your skin, and protect it from environmental elements like wind, sleet, or snow!

Also on the list for moisturizing creams is the Ceratopic® Replenishing Cream by SkinMedica®. This cream can help restore your skin’s natural look, and assist in the revitalization of dry, cracked skin.

These products and many more can be found at AlluraDerm Med Spa. Let our skin specialists help you find the perfect solution for your dry skin.