The most important step to keeping your skin healthy and glowing is keeping it hydrated, both from the inside and outside. Eating the right foods and using hydrating skin products will give you the smooth, radiant skin that you’ve been striving towards.

Foods That Hydrate Your Skin

Watermelon is one of the best foods that you can eat for your skin, because it hydrates from the inside out. A benefit of eating watermelon for skin health is that it also contains vitamin A, which has been shown to reduce blemishes.

Cucumber is great for your skin not only when eaten, but when used on the surface of your skin as well. Placing slices of cucumber directly on your skin has been shown to hydrate it while reducing puffiness and making skin look radiant.

Celery has been shown to help hydrate skin, but take care when adding it to your diet. Eating too much can cause a skin reaction, so add it sparingly in salads or side dish recipes.

Bok choy contains a variety of vitamins and antioxidants that help keep your skin hydrated and smooth.

One fruit that contains a high amount of antioxidants and can be used to hydrate skin from the inside, as well as promote general good health, is blueberries.

Drinking Water for Healthier Skin

Drinking water is one of the ways that you can keep your skin hydrated from the inside. For the most benefits, make sure that you chose to drink water that is filtered so that you are not taking in harmful chemicals or other toxins.

Products That Help Keep Skin Radiant

While eating and drinking for skin health are great ways to keep your skin looking radiant, you can take it a step further by using products made to hydrate your skin. Here are two of the best products for hydrating your skin:

Hydrating Complex by SkinMedica®

This product can be used on a daily basis to help keep your skin looking hydrated and smooth. Not only does this product keep your skin hydrated, but it protects against aging and boosts the effectiveness of moisturizer.

Hydrating B5 gel by SkinCeuticals®

This gel utilizes the healing factors found in vitamin B5, which has been shown to heal tissues in the skin, leading to a more radiant look. One of the biggest benefits of this gel is that it uses natural ingredients already found in your skin to give your skin the boost it needs without use of harsh chemicals.

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