Looking for the key to healthy skin? Try eating an apple!

Looking for the key to healthy skin? Try eating an apple!

Did you know that December 1st is National Eat an Apple Day? Apples have powerful phyto-nutrients that keep your skin vibrant, bright, and beautiful!

Easy to pack as a snack or add to any meal, here are some of the reasons why adding apples to your diet can seriously benefit your skin health.

The Power of Fiber

Apples are a high-potency fruit, full of dietary fiber. A cleansing agent, fiber helps rid your body of toxins and improves the circulation of blood. Better circulation means your skin is getting more oxygen, improving skin’s appearance more effectively.

High fiber foods are known to make you feel full longer, helping you stave off hunger during the holiday rush. Just one apple can have 4.4 grams of fiber, more than brown rice or even whole grain bread.

Skin- Healthy Vitamins

Every way you slice it, apples are great for your health. Because of their high fiber content, apples can help you absorb nutrients from other foods better. Plus, they have extremely high levels of vitamin C – the vitamin responsible for the production of collagen.

With more production of collagen, your skin has the nutrients it needs to repair tired, puffy eyes and fine lines. Apples can help your skin feel softer and provide a stronger defense against environmental elements that can cause damage.

Sugar Regulation

Many of us know the pitfalls of low blood sugar. In addition to being grouchy, our skin can lose its natural pallor. Our body reacts to low amounts of sugar in the blood with visible symptoms, including pale or sallow skin, to signal it’s time to eat.

Because apples have complex sugars, they can help regulate the sugars in your bloodstream. That’s why they make such a great snack! If it looks like it’s going to be a long stretch between your breakfast and lunch, you can stay alert and on-task until you have time to eat again.

Bite into Beauty

It’s easy to get radiant skin from within, just pack an apple at the store! Flavors vary from the tart Granny Smith to the soft and sweet Gala, and they’re usually available year-round. Try one today!