Dr. Nicholas Lam, board certified in aesthetic medicine, joins Dr. Victor Mancha at the popular medical spa in Albuquerque as a full-time practicing physician.

Albuquerque, New Mexico (January 2016) — Dr. Nicholas Lam of AlluraDerm MD Med Spa, who has been working there on a part-time basis for almost a year, will join the practice as a full-time physician. He offers a variety of aesthetic and skin care procedures at the medical spa in Albuquerque, alongside Dr. Victor Mancha.

With a background in anesthesiology and many years of practical aesthetic experience, Dr. Lam says he is excited to embrace aesthetic medicine full-time as a member of the AlluraDerm MD Med Spa team.

“I had been involved in aesthetic medicine since 2003 on a part-time basis, as I thoroughly enjoy making my patients feel better about themselves,” Dr. Lam says. “However, I was looking for a practice that has the business ethics, skill set, and compassion for patients that AlluraDerm MD Med Spa embodies. I fell in love with their team, their philosophy, their work ethic, and most of all their innate sense to do good for patients.”

Dr. Lam earned his medical degree in 1995 at Otago Medical School in New Zealand. He completed his residency training in anesthesiology in 2001 at Sir Charles Gairdner in Western Australia. In 2002, he became a clinical assistant professor in anesthesiology at the University of Texas at Houston.

“When I was working as a physician anesthesiologist, I was known in the field of regional anesthesia, which involves placing needles close to tiny nerves to numb them,” Dr. Lam says. “A colleague of mine saw my needling skills and introduced me to aesthetic medicine, and now I am one of the few physicians in the nation that is board-certified in aesthetics medicine.”

According to Dr. Lam, his background in research and science enables him to determine the most effective treatment protocol for his patients, regardless of trends or mass marketing. “I have conducted several randomized controlled clinical trials and published in several peer-reviewed journals. Also, I have worked as a physician scientist and conducted basic and translational science experiments. This has given me the ability to filter through the bulk of noise with regards to aesthetic medicine and provide my patients with the treatments with the strongest medical evidence rather than be swayed by the current fad.”

Dr. Lam has developed a following in Albuquerque for his artistry with BOTOX® Cosmetic and soft tissue fillers. He is now a Black Diamond-level provider with Allergan, meaning he is in the top 1% of BOTOX® and JUVÉDERM® providers in the nation.

Dr. Lam says he finds it rewarding to help patients achieve their goals through his creativity and aesthetic sensibility.

“As a physician in aesthetic medicine, I am able to lift a person’s outlook merely by providing subtle changes in their physical appearance,” he says. “In doing so, I have enabled them to be the best that they can be and to spread the positivity they have inside.”

Dr. Lam also performs a wide variety of other popular minimally invasive treatments, including dermal filler injections, energy-based skin rejuvenation treatments, skin care, body contouring, and laser hair removal at the Albuquerque med spa. AlluraDerm MD was founded with a goal of providing patients optimal medical aesthetic care in a spa-like atmosphere.

According to Dr. Mancha, Dr. Lam was selected from a large pool of applicants after a rigorous selection process. “Dr. Lam is a perfect addition for our ideals,” Dr. Mancha says. “AlluraDerm MD Med Spa puts equal emphasis on safety and beauty, and Dr. Lam fits right in with that. His technical medical expertise, his eye for perfection, and his passion for aesthetics are exactly what our patients value.”

Looking ahead, Dr. Lam says his goals for the practice include continuing to put smiles on his patients’ faces every day using evidence-based treatments. “Along with Dr. Mancha and the team that we have,” Dr. Lam says, “I envision that AlluraDerm MD Med Spa will provide the standard of care that will be the benchmark for aesthetic medicine in the state.”

To meet with either Dr. Lam or Dr. Mancha to explore your options for aesthetic rejuvenation, request a complimentary consultation online, or call AlluraDerm MD at (505) 821-9630.