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Non-Surgical Jawline Contouring

Non-Surgical Jawline Contouring

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For those who want to restore youthful and defined jawline contours, AlluraDerm MD Med Spa provides non-surgical jawline contouring in Albuquerque.

The contours of the jawline and chin affect a person’s overall aesthetic. Unfortunately, the shape of the face loses definition over time due to genetics, age, and other factors. Non-surgical jaw contouring can shape the jawline and chin in a way that looks very natural and avoids the weeks of downtime associated with surgery.

Injectable Jawline Contouring Options

Injectable treatments are a great way to bring back symmetry, definition, and balance to the chin and jaw area. We provide a number of options.

Kybella: This FDA-approved prescription injectable destroys stubborn fat to get rid of the appearance of a double chin. The active ingredient, deoxycholic acid, occurs in the body naturally, where it helps break down fat.

Kybella is injected directly under the chin, in the area where fat is deposited (called the submental region). Fat cells are slowly destroyed and filtered out of the body, reducing fullness in the area for a contoured jawline. Results appear gradually and are permanent.

Fillers: An injectable dermal filler is a gel that is injected into hollow regions of the jawline and chin to address age-related volume loss. Fillers also reduce the appearance of jowls, restoring balance and proportion to the lower half of the face. By adding definition, fillers add a subtle change and restore a more youthful look.

We offer JUVÉDERM and Restylane to enhance jaw contours. JUVÉDERM and Restylane are formulated using a synthetic version of the body’s natural hyaluronic acid (HA). HA attracts and binds to water molecules to create new volume. Results are immediately apparent after injection and typically last six months to a year.

BOTOX: We are the number-one provider of BOTOX Cosmetic in New Mexico. This injectable neuromodulator achieves non-surgical jawline contouring through reduction of the masseter muscles. These jaw muscles, used for chewing, can overdevelop as a result of repeated muscle movements, creating an overly square appearance.

Botox jaw reduction (also called jaw Botox) blocks nerve signals to the masseter muscles, allowing them to relax and shrink back down for a slimmer-looking jawline. Results appear in a matter of days and are present for around three to four months.

The Consultation

Before your non-surgical jawline contouring treatment session, you will meet with a skilled medical professional for a consultation. The two of you will discuss your medical history and your expectations. After an exam, the medical professional will suggest the best procedures for your desired results.

The Treatment Session

Before you get any injections, the targeted area(s) will be marked as a guide and numbed with a local or topical anesthetic. Based on your discussion, the chosen injectable will then be injected at the marked sites. The entire process should take about 30 minutes or less depending on the chosen product.

After Your Treatment

Expect some bruising and a bit of swelling at the injection sites for a few days after your non-surgical jawline contouring treatment session. There is little to no recovery time or downtime needed after these procedures.

Non-Surgical Jawline Contouring Cost

The price of your non-surgical jawline contouring with injectables will depend on your chosen injectable products. The amount of product used, the number of injections required, and the number of sessions required will also affect the overall cost.

Find Out More

To find out more about non-surgical jawline contouring in Albuquerque, contact AlluraDerm MD Med Spa and schedule your consultation. Our skilled medical professionals will be available to answer your questions and concerns.

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