3 Things to Do Now to Prepare for Fall's Beauty TrendsIf the latest word from fashion editors is any indication, following in the footsteps of supermodels this coming fall will mean having a super skin care routine. The season’s hottest beauty trends are already on display on catwalks before we’ve even felt the actual summer heat! A quick inventory from Vogue Magazine reveals glitz and glamor, including extreme eyelashes, lavish accents, and statement hair and makeup. Somehow, these trends manage to look updated and modern, rather than borrowed from the 1980s. The key, according to Vogue: clean, stripped-down skin.

As we face the summer months, which can be especially tough when it comes to skin care in Albuquerque, there are a few things you can do now to prepare to make a fashionable turnaround.

  • Start a customized skin care routine now. Beware of skin care products that promise results overnight. If you want true results, you’ll need to establish a consistent program that includes rejuvenating products like TNS Essential Serum®. This bestseller achieves healthier-looking, more youthful skin, but it does take 90 days to see optimal results. Our staff can help you design a custom, lasting skin care regimen. Contact us to schedule a consultation.
  • Consider LATISSE®. This eyelash growth product is a favorite of our patients. It can give you runway-worth lashes without the need for extensions or other enhancements. However, for best results it needs to be used for a 16-week period. Want your new, lavish lashes by fall? You’ll be happy you started now.
  • Try CoolSculpting®: If you want to get totally ahead of the game and head into the fall fashion season after dropping a size or 2, give this treatment a try. Developed by Harvard scientists, it works by freezing your fat cells without surgery or down time. Optimal results are seen a couple of months after treatment. Read this blog post for more on what CoolSculpting can do.