Mom, Don't Feel Guilty About Pampering YourselfCan we just agree that, if you’re a mom, you’ve likely felt some level of guilt along your journey through parenthood? It may stem from feeding your toddler an unhealthy snack, using the TV as an occasional babysitter, or perhaps being a bit environmentally unfriendly at times. Whatever the reason, moms come up with plenty of ways to feel less than perfect. (To be fair, dads experience plenty of parenting guilt as well. Because I meet so many mothers at my medical spa in Albuquerque, though, I’m going to focus on just them for now.)

I am just going to put it out there — moms should not feel guilty about pampering themselves once in a while. Let me explain why:

A happier and healthier parent is a better parent. It’s the reason we created “date night.” You love your little miracles more than words, but you do need time away to reflect on your awesomeness and keep the flame alive. When you treat yourself to time at the spa, whether it be for a rejuvenating facial or body treatment, confidence-boosting BOTOX® Cosmetic injection, or tummy-slimming body contouring procedure, you’re renewing your commitment to yourself. That’s why I insist on enhancing our state-of-the-art facility with luxuries such as soft lights, fountains, and aromatherapy. I know this certainly isn’t something you indulge in every day, so it’s important to me to maximize the experience.

You deserve it. If you have small children, chances are the only skin treatments you’ve been soaking up include splattered baby food, diaper creams, and other messes that come with the package. If your children are older, you likely spend a lot of quality time in the driver’s seat of your car. It can be wonderful to be the focus for a little while, even for just a short cosmetic service.

Let this be a little reminder to take time out for yourself this summer. If you know someone who could use a little reminder of their own, we do offer instant gift certificates. Be sure to also check out our ongoing summer specials.