Full, beautiful lips that look natural.

Full, beautiful lips that look natural.

From Angelina Jolie to Amanda Seyfried, it’s obvious that lush, beautiful lips are in. Full lips have always been a hallmark of feminine beauty, but not everyone was born with them, and our lips also have a tendency to thin as we age.

Makeup tricks to enhance the lips can only go so far, and you’re lucky if your look lasts through the end of the day. Instead, more and more women are considering cosmetic fillers to safely plump their lips.

Cosmetic Fillers for Plump Lips

Just like our skin loses elasticity and begins to sag with age, our lips also lose volume. Wrinkles around the mouth cause our lipstick to run, and overall, our lips begin to lose their youthful shape.

That’s why cosmetic fillers like Juvèderm™ are so popular. Juvèderm™ is made from hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the body. Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin by holding in water. As we age, our body produces less hyaluronic acid, contributing to the aging process, but Juvèderm™ plumps and replenishes the skin.

How does Juvèderm™ Work?

With Juvèderm™, hyaluronic acid is injected into the lips to add volume. Your lips will be immediately plump and pouty, while remaining soft and natural to the touch. Juvèderm™ is of a smooth texture and contains lidocaine to reduce pain. You may also receive an anesthetic cream to numb the lips before injections.

Juvèderm™ lasts up to 12 months in the lips. The important thing is to find a doctor who has experience injecting Juvèderm™ and an eye for aesthetics. You don’t want your lips to be overfilled—Juvèderm™ should act as an enhancement, rather than changing the shape and contour of your lips.

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The results of your Juvèderm treatment are directly correlated with the skill of the injector. At AlluraDerm MD Med Spa, Dr. Victor Mancha personally performs all Juvèderm injections. Dr. Mancha is the first provider in New Mexico to achieve Black Diamond status with Allergan, the makers of Juvèderm, and is among the top 1% of providers in the world.

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