Dealing with unwanted hair can become a tedious and irritating task, especially if it continues to grow no matter how many times you’ve tried to remove it. And, as we age, hair tends to grow in unwelcome places that we just can’t hide, so why not have it removed permanently?

Often referred to as the “lunchtime” procedure, laser hair removal has never been as easy, safe and affordable as it is today. No longer do you have to worry about that embarrassing and unsightly hair.

One Laser Hair Removal, Please

Becoming popular for its quick and effective treatments, laser hair removal is a simple procedure that can be done during your lunch hour. The in and out of the office procedure is safe without any recovery time needed and provides smooth skin after only a few treatments.

No longer will you need razors and tweezers! Due to the fact that hair grows in cycles, multiple treatments must be given in order to keep the hair from growing, but once complete, laser removal will permanently reduce hair production on all areas of the body.

If you have troublesome areas such as the bikini line, legs and toes, arms and underarms, back and neck, sideburns, and upper lip and brows, AlluraDerm MD Med Spa can help!

Albuquerque Laser Hair Removal

At AlluraDerm, we want people to feel comfortable in their own skin and look their best. We offer the best laser hair removal procedures in New Mexico.

Our free consultation is offered to all candidates wishing to have laser hair removal, so the problems areas can be identified.

Call our professional Albuquerque med spa today to book a free consultation, 505.821.9630. Start your treatments as soon as possible and get ready to say goodbye to that unwanted hair for good!