There are some cosmetic concerns that we have no problem accepting with grace as we age. Smile lines can be proof of a life filled with laughter, for example. But then, there are those concerns that, no matter how hard we try, we have a tough time living with. One of these evils is unwanted body hair. Not many people would look fondly at fuzz on their chins as reminder of the good times they’ve had.

As we age and our hormones change, hair begins to grow longer in places where we may not have noticed it before. For women, this includes the upper lip and sideburns area. Many men struggle with unwanted hair on the back and neck. When grooming becomes bothersome, many folks seek a long-term fix in laser hair removal treatments at our Albuquerque medical spa.

You may never have considered this to be a problem of yours in the past. Shaving and waxing may have done the trick. But if things have changed and you now notice hair where you never did before, you may be ready for a long-lasting treatment. Once you realize this, you need to take action quickly. That’s because when it comes to this specific treatment, it can sometimes be too late.

There is a lesser-known fact about laser hair removal that often takes patients at our Albuquerque medical spa by surprise: You need to treat the hair before it turns gray. If you wait too long, laser hair removal will not work properly. The lasers are designed to search for melanin, which gray hairs do not have. Once the hair is gray, the laser will not recognize it to destroy the follicle producing the hair. The advice we give our patients is to start treatments sooner rather than later. We invite you to visit for a complimentary consultation to assess your needs.