Vogue Online (UMV: 10,786,447): “The Best Sunburn Remedies, From Soothing Balms to LED Treatments
Clear + Brilliant was mentioned in an article on Vogue Online. Dr. Elizabeth K. Hale, dermatologist and Senior Vice President of the Skin Cancer Foundation, advised on the best remedies for sunburn, “To counteract latent hyperpigmentation and photo-damage, Hale relies on a resurfacing laser such as Clear + Brilliant.”

Charlotte’s Book (UMV: 21,242): “Salmon Egg Enzyme Skincare: Now At Your Derm’s Office

Yahoo! (UMV: 111,791,640): “Salmon Egg Enzyme Skincare: Now At Your Derm’s Office
Clear + Brilliant and Fraxel were mentioned in an article on Yahoo. Dr. Vic Narurkar was consulted for the article, which focused on a new skin care line that’s made from salmon eggs. Dr. Narurkar mentioned that “he uses it following Clear + Brilliant, Fraxel, or peel treatments to accelerate healing.” Clear + Brilliant and Fraxel were both hyperlinked and led to previously reported stories covering the details of the treatments.

The Huffington Post (UMV: 44,079,298): “4 Things You Need to Know About the Red-Carpet Facial
Clear + Brilliant was the subject of an article on The Huffington Post. The piece is a first-hand account of the author’s visit to Dr. Deepak Dugar’s Beverly Hills Med Spa. Dr. Dugar described Clear + Brilliant as “the perfect lunch-hour facial.” The article described the treatment, post-treatment and recovery time and also included before and after images of patients.

Harper’s Bazaar Online (UMV: 2,371,513): “#BeautySchool: Are Your Knees Making You Look Older?
Thermage was mentioned in a piece on Harper’s Bazaar Online. Dr. Aaron Rollins of Elite Body Sculpture in New York City was consulted on treatment options for “saggy knees.” Thermage was included as one of his recommended treatments in lieu of a surgical fix.

Yahoo! (UMV: 96,321,000): “The Popular Beauty Treatment That Can Help Up Resistance to Skin Cancer
Fraxel and Clear + Brilliant were mentioned in an article featuring the expert opinion of Dr. Anne Chapas. Dr. Chapas presented a study showing “that laser resurfacing treatments (like Fraxel Dual and Repair) appear to help ’wake up‘ older cells to prompt them to produce more protective factors against UV light, which, in turn, makes skin healthier and more resistant to skin cancer—something that can be beneficial for patients of all ages as a preventive treatment.” Dr. Chapas also recommend Clear + Brilliant in the article, which says, “the Clear + Brilliant laser gently delivers collagen-building energy and is used to promote skin turnover and prevent and address early signs of aging, including skin texture, firmness, elasticity and pore-size appearance.”

The Charlotte Observer (UMV: 2,771,035): “5 Rules for younger skin after 40
Thermage was included in an article about undoing signs of aging after 40. The article recommended calling in the experts to do minimally invasive treatments such as Thermage. Dr. Ellen Marmur was quoted in the article saying, “By using treatments sparingly, you can avoid a full overhaul later, meaning you ultimately will do and spend less in your 50s and beyond.”

The Coveteur (UMV: 1,889,157): “The Laser That Finally Fixed My Skin Problems
Fraxel was the subject of an article on The Coveteur in which the author shared her first-hand account of her Fraxel treatment. Dr. David Colbert’s practice provided the treatment. The article walked the reader through the treatment process, starting with her consultation and continuing through five days of post-treatment recovery all the way to two months post-treatment. She raved about her results saying, “My face is now completely healed from the Fraxel treatment and I’m able to see the full results. I couldn’t be happier! The acne marks have been obliterated, most of the freckles on my nose disappeared and my skin is dramatically brighter and even toned. Most importantly, the forehead scar I’d had for years faded away. I’ve had multiple family members and friends remark on the fact that I look younger and my fine wrinkles (um, thanks guys?) have disappeared. Would I do it again? Absolutely.”

Haute Living (UMV: 877,526): “Dr. Jhonny Salomon Shares His Top 3 Procedures That Erase Time
Thermage was included in an article by Dr. Jhonny Salomon on Haute Living. He shared his top-recommended procedures that “erase time.” The article suggested Thermage for patients seeking a treatment more aggressive than fillers but not quite as extreme as a facelift. Dr. Salomon also explained how the treatment works saying, “By heating the deep layers of your skin, your body’s natural renewal process is stimulated to tighten existing collagen while causing new collagen to develop. Over time sagging skin is replaced by smoother, tighter skin with an overall improvement in tone and texture.”

PureWow (UMV: 104,765): “5 Beauty Treatments You Can Save On (and 5 You Really Should Splurge On)
Fraxel was a recommended beauty treatment in an article on PureWow. The piece listed five beauty treatments to save money on and five to splurge and seek professional consult for. One of the treatments recommended as a splurge was Fraxel. The author says, “if long-term results are what you’re seeking, you’re better off skipping the froufrou facials and putting that cash toward some in-office laser treatments like Fraxel…a good facial will leave you with temporarily glowing skin, a laser will go below the surface to give you lasting results.”