Your answer to the fountain of youth is at AlluraDerm.

Your answer to the fountain of youth is at AlluraDerm.

You’ve heard us say it before: TNS Essential Serum by SkinMedica® is as close to the fabled Fountain of Youth as you’re going to get.

But if you’re a skincare junkie like us, you’ve heard that said about a hundred different products, from peptide-enhanced eye creams and vitamin C-infused moisturizers.

What Sets TNS Essential Serum Apart?

TNS Essential Serum contains human fibroblast conditioned media, or HFCM for short. These fibroblasts have long been used to repair burn victims’ skin, but SkinMedica® is the first company to market HFCMs for cosmetic purposes.

Human fibroblasts are cells that make up part of the skin’s connective tissue, so the logic behind TNS Essential Serum is that by applying fibroblasts topically, you are triggering the same process of repair in the skin.

TNS Essential Serum’s Triple Approach

Along with fibroblasts, TNS Essential Serum rebuilds the skin’s extracellular matrix with two peptides: palmitoyl tripeptide-5 and silk peptides. It also fights free-radicals with Co-enzyme Q10, Vitamin C and Green Tea extract, and to provide an instant lift, it contains hyalauronic acid and aminobutyric acid.

Those three approaches combined create skin that is plump and smooth—in short, your skin appears more youthful when you use TNS Essential Serum. While you will notice immediate benefits, the product is proven to diminish fine lines, refine texture and fade age spots with 90 days.

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