One of the most striking regions of the body is the neck and chin region. Anatomically, it is a very important area, as it connects the head with the rest of the body. As a connective region, it has some of the most important veins and arteries, as well as body parts that are part of the digestive system, the respiratory system, and the skeletal system.

Aesthetically, it is also one of the most important regions of the body, although it is one which is often neglected. The region has a series of muscles, and toning these muscles creates a firm look not only for the face but for the chest.

Unfortunately, the chin and neck region can suffer from deposits of excess fat, creating a situation commonly known as a “double chin” effect. One of the most prominent methods to remove the fat deposits from the region is injection of Kybella.


Kybella is a compound primarily consisting of deoxycholic acid. It an FDA-approved therapy that can be used to improve the appearance of the neck and chin by burning away moderate to severe cases of submental fat in an easy and painless manner. Submental fat is fat underneath the chin.

It is administered through injections, where the compound easily dissolves the stubborn fat for a smooth and toned-looking neck and chin region. Kybella has been approved to be used by adults of both sexes over the age of 18 by various regulatory bodies across the globe.

When Should Kybella Be Used?

In the modern day and age, the presence of submental fat can cause a number of physiological and psychological problems. Given below are some of the issues:

When Trying to Avoid Invasive Surgical Techniques – A large number of fat-removal and toning solutions involve invasive surgical techniques. These techniques may be intimidating to some patients. Additionally, they can take a fair amount of time to heal, meaning one’s everyday life is put on hold for a time. Kybella is a completely non-surgical technique and can be administered through a simple injection, and there is no long recovery period needed.

When Treating Stubborn Submental Fullness – With the sedentary lifestyle of the modern age, it is extremely difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle consisting of regular exercise and a wholesome diet. Even for those who tend to follow these practices, submental fullness is seldom reduced through such methods, since there are very few exercises that target the chin and neck regions. Thus, procedures such as Kybella become very important as a way to provide effective fat removal.

When Submental Fullness Is Causing Self-Esteem Issues – With the ever-increasing focus on beauty standards in the modern age, any deposit of fat is considered to be unattractive. It can cause feelings of despair and depression and a lack of confidence. Kybella reduces chin volume for a more attractive and proportional face and neck.

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