New year, new skin care routine! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to adhere to a complex 10-step regimen to enjoy the benefits of skin care. Whether you’re an avid skin care enthusiast or just comfortable with the basics, there are simple ways you can enhance your regular routine.

With the help of the AlluraDerm team, you can put quality over quantity by finding the best products and treatment regimens for your skin’s unique needs. Let’s get into it:

1. Morning refreshment

While we’d all love to wake up every morning feeling refreshed, we can put our best face forward looking refreshed. Whatever your morning routine turns out to be, make sure to include these three essentials:

A gentle, yet effective facial cleanser. Wash away the night before and keep your skin hydrated, soft and supple.
A light lotion for the summer or a heavier moisturizer for the winter. Nourish your skin barrier with proper hydration to ward off dry skin.
A broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher. Protect your skin health against harmful UV radiation with daily SPF on the face and body.


2. Nighttime repair

While you’re sleeping, your skin is hard at work shedding dead cells and creating new ones to make your skin appear firmer and more youthful. How you treat your skin before bedtime can help in this process, which is why it’s important to include these tools for repair and treatment in your nighttime routine:

A gentle, yet effective facial cleanser. Remove any lingering residue from the day and go to sleep free of impurities.
A targeted spot treatment. Treat your specific concerns, whether that’s fading scars, reducing acne or diminishing dark spots.
A rich nighttime cream. Repair your skin barrier and protect against overnight dryness with a strong moisturizing formula.

3. Skin treatment glow-up

You don’t have to be a skin care guru to elevate your skin’s health and beauty with an aesthetic treatment. If you’re just starting out, there are plenty of low-to-no downtime skin care treatments that’ll have you glowing in no time. Plus, they’re the perfect addition to any beauty routine!
Microdermabrasion. Intensely exfoliates and removes dead outer layers of skin to improve acne, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and textural changes for a softer, healthier-looking complexion.
Chemical peels. Remove the outer layers of skin to help reduce fine lines, smooth skin, diminish the appearance of scars, improve uneven pigmentation and give a more supple appearance to skin.
Dermaplaning. Gently removes vellus hair and surface debris with a patented surgical blade to support healthy collagen levels, lighten dark spots, improve skin texture, reduce acne breakouts and more.

4. Medical-grade maintenance

With any professional treatment, you’ll want to follow up with the recommended number of sessions to achieve your best results. But another way to get the most out of your medspa experience is with medical-grade skin care products. These products are designed not only for daily care but also to maximize the skin-revitalizing benefits of your professional treatments. We proudly offer clinical skin care from trusted brands such as:
SkinMedica®. Scientifically based skin care formulated to slow the aging process and unlock the potential of the skin to heal from within.
SkinCeuticals®. Advanced skin care rooted in science and designed to prevent future damage, protect healthy skin and correct previous damage.

It’s your year to achieve the best skin of your life — and we want to help you get there! Learn more about clinical skin care options at AlluraDerm MD Med Spa by calling (505) 821-9630 or requesting a consultation online today.