Learn more about fractionated laser treatments at our Albuquerque med spa

The new year is almost here, and with it we’re introducing a brand-new treatment to our medical spa in Albuquerque: Clear + Brilliant. This laser treatment is a great way to rejuvenate skin, maintain even tone and texture, and achieve a healthy, youthful glow.

Have questions about Clear + Brilliant and what sets it apart? Well, we’re here with your answers. Follow along as we break down some of the key details of this innovative procedure.

How does it work?

The Clear + Brilliant treatment uses similar laser technology to the Fraxel® re:store DUAL laser system we talk so much about. However, it’s gentler and requires less downtime afterward. Some people have described its intensity being between microdermabrasion and a Fraxel treatment. The laser works to make microscopic injuries to the lower layers of skin. As these injuries heal, old skin will be replenished with fresh, youthful skin that gives off a healthy, beaming glow.

What are the benefits?

The Clear + Brilliant treatment helps to even out skin tone and texture, decrease the size and visibility of pores, and reduce the appearance of acne. It’s not as strong as more advanced rejuvenating treatments, but it can be the perfect fit for someone concerned with issues such as sun damage and early signs of aging. Our highly experienced aestheticians, under the direct supervision of our physicians, can help you achieve the best results possible.

Who are the best candidates?

This treatment works best on people in their 20s and 30s who want an option that will help them maintain healthy skin, reduce early signs of aging, and treat minor skin issues including acne. It’s easy to incorporate into your normal beauty routine, like with facials, so you don’t need to worry about it fitting into a busy schedule.

How many treatments are needed?

Like the more aggressive Fraxel® re:store DUAL, most patients benefit from more than one treatment; we sell packages in a series of 3 or 6 treatments. Your physician will determine the number of treatments best for your skin type and the concerns you’d like to treat.

How long does it take?

The treatment lasts about 60 minutes, depending on the intensity appropriate for your skin type. Your physician will determine the proper treatment length and intensity you need.

What does it feel like?

Before your Clear + Brilliant treatment, your physician will use a topical numbing cream on your face to help enhance your comfort. Your aesthetician, under the supervision of the physician, will then run the Clear + Brilliant device, which is a handheld laser, over the surface of your skin. You’ll probably feel a mild tingling sensation, but immediately after the treatment is over you should have little to no discomfort.

In the few days following the treatment, you’ll feel some roughness as your skin replenishes itself, but with the proper moisturizer and skin care products, you’ll notice smoother skin and a beautiful glow in less than a week!

How much does it cost?

The cost of this treatment varies somewhat depending on your needs. Right now until the end of January 2016, as an introductory offer, one Clear + Brilliant treatment at our practice in Albuquerque is only $200. We’re also offering 15% off Clear + Brilliant treatment packages of 3 or 6 until January 31, 2016. If you’re interested, book one now before the holidays and get a youthful glow for all your parties.

How long do results last?

The results of this treatment depend on the care you give your skin. Including cosmeceutical skin care products in your routine will help extend your results. Our skin care experts and physicians at AlluraDerm will be able to provide you with the right products and instructions to make those results last as long as possible.

If you’re looking to maintain a young, healthy glow, Clear + Brilliant laser treatments could be perfect for you. Contact us now at (505) 821-9630 to schedule an appointment with our one of our experienced physicians before the end of the year.

The Clear + Brilliant treatment helps to even out skin tone and texture, decrease the size and visibility of pores, and reduce the appearance of acne.