Your alternative to eyelash extensions

Researchers claim to have pinpointed the optimal length for eyelashes, and their findings are bolstering my belief that FDA-approved growth serum LATISSE® is better than eyelash extensions when it comes to getting the look you want. I’ve been telling my Albuquerque patients this for years, and now the research seems to confirm that finding.

In the new study, presented recently at the annual meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, scientists reveal the optimal length as being one-third the width of the eye. Their research found this ratio best for protecting the eye from debris and dryness, saying excessively long lashes might actually funnel more air into the eye.

As a physician who regularly prescribes LATISSE, I wanted to address a few frequently asked questions regarding its safety:

  • How often does dryness occur in LATISSE patients? According to the latest safety information released by the FDA in September 2014, clinical studies found the most reported adverse reactions from LATISSE to be irritation, dry eye symptoms, and periorbital erythema (inflammation). The FDA says these reactions occurred in less than 4 percent of patients. Your physician can help you to determine whether you’re at risk for these reactions prior to prescribing LATISSE.
  • Who is a candidate for LATISSE? It’s important to point out that women seeking LATISSE are not usually seeking excessively long lashes. In fact, many report having very short lashes — or practically no lashes — before treatment. If we can help them achieve the “ideal length” described by researchers, they’re ecstatic!
  • LATISSE or eyelash extensions? When removing extensions, many women find that their lashes are brittle and broken from the trauma of glue and foreign material. For this reason, I recommend LATISSE. It helps women safely and effectively grow, darken, or lengthen their natural lashes.

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