Find out how to finally loose stubborn fat with CoolSculpting in Albuquerque

If dieting were easy, it is safe to say we would all be the ideal weight and proportion. As you know, though, it can be extremely challenging and often frustrating. As a physician who specializes in cosmetic enhancement, I have become very familiar with the struggles that keep men and women from reaching their physical goals.

The roadblocks can be a result of both positive and negative factors. For example, a life full of celebration and social gatherings often results in overindulging. For others, a life full of worry and stress may cause them to seek comfort in food and to overindulge.

Similarly, both busy and peaceful lives can stand in the way of our goals. A working person who is always on-the-go may make unhealthy food choices out of convenience. A person without much to do might overeat out of boredom.

There are obvious hurdles; think a love of ice cream or apathy for exercise. There are also not-so-obvious hurdles, such as a spouse with unhealthy habits that rub off on us or a misunderstanding of portion size.

In my opinion, it all comes down to one problem: consistency. At the beginning of the New Year, perhaps you are ultra-motivated to finally get fit. That is, until you’re not. The trouble with stubborn fat is that when we lose weight, our fat cells shrink, but when we gain weight, they bounce right back. If your diet tends to fluctuate, as is the case for most people, you will find yourself easily putting on the pounds you worked so hard to lose.

I could never quite suggest a perfect solution for patients at my medical day spa in Albuquerque until CoolSculpting® came into the picture. Here is a procedure that doesn’t shrink your unwanted fat cells — it completely removes them. Without surgery. Without needles. With very little downtime or discomfort, if any.

The scientific process behind CoolSculpting works by freezing and killing off targeted fat cells. Just like diet and exercise, it’s not an overnight fix. But in a matter of weeks, your body flushes out the damaged cells through its own natural process. How cool is that?

To find out if you may be a good fit for CoolSculpting, I invite you to schedule a consultation at AlluraDerm. Through the month of February, we are offering a special discount on this treatment. Click here to learn more.