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Albuquerque, NM

Clear + Brilliant Skin Rejuvenation

At AlluraDerm MD Med Spa, we often include laser treatments like Clear + Brilliant skin rejuvenation in our comprehensive skin care regimen. With Clear + Brilliant skin rejuvenation in Albuquerque, you can refresh your skin by targeting fine lines and uneven pigmentation without the downtime.

Dry air and sun exposure combine to sap the skin of its natural youthful texture. If living in Albuquerque, NM, has taken its toll on your skin, it may be time to think about Clear + Brilliant. This gentle fractional laser treatment uses the same technology as Fraxel®, its popular “big brother.”

Our skin care specialists and award-winning physicians can customize a skin care plan for you at our Albuquerque practice, including Clear + Brilliant skin rejuvenation treatments to keep your skin looking and feeling young.

Request a complimentary consultation to learn more about laser skin treatments and other aesthetic procedures offered at AlluraDerm MD Med Spa. Use our online form, or call us at (505) 821-9630 to schedule an appointment.

Clear + Brilliant Skin Rejuvenation Before & After Photos

What Is Clear + Brilliant Skin Rejuvenation?

Clear + Brilliant treatments address a range of skin care concerns using non-ablative fractional laser technology. What that means is the laser gently resurfaces your skin by creating tiny micro-injuries, a process that in turn boosts collagen production.

Collagen is one of the essential elements of clear, smooth skin. Because Clear + Brilliant skin rejuvenation treatments are gentle, most patients need more than 1 treatment to get the desired results if they want to target a specific concern.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

At AlluraDerm MD Med Spa, we recommend Clear + Brilliant laser skin resurfacing to:

  • Maintain a youthful appearance (especially for patients who have had Fraxel treatments)
  • Renew and refresh the skin’s texture
  • Improve the skin’s tone and radiance
  • Reduce the appearance of pores

Clear + Brilliant skin rejuvenation is an excellent treatment to add to your established skin care regimen, or as part of a skin care plan you are just beginning to create. It treats many common skin conditions, such as adult acne, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and other blemishes.

It is an excellent treatment for helping you reach and exceed your aesthetic goals, no matter which concerns you are struggling with, from tone and texture issues to stubborn scars. Clear + Brilliant skin rejuvenation is a great choice for nearly anyone who is in search of effective pore reduction and wants his or her skin to look and feel better.

For patients who may want a more aggressive approach that produces dramatic results, we may recommend Thermage® or Fraxel® re:store treatments. AlluraDerm MD Med Spa is the #1 provider of  Thermage® and Fraxel® re:store in New Mexico.  We can also pair Clear + Brilliant with other treatments for a comprehensive plan.

What to Expect

After thorough assessment by our aesthetic specialist and board-certified physicians, our laser technician applies a numbing cream to your skin. Even though the procedure is gentle, the cream ensures you are comfortable throughout the treatment.

Next, the technician moves a roller featuring tiny plastic bumps repeatedly over the treatment area, creating the micro-injuries and delivering the laser energy. The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes, including about 15 minutes of direct treatment.

Immediately after the treatment, the technician applies topical adjuvant therapies that are customized to optimize your results, depending on your specific skin condition.

The treatment does not require a great deal of recovery time or downtime. Redness and mild swelling may occur but typically resolve within 12 hours after the treatment. During the ensuing few days, the skin may feel itchy or sensitive – signs that the collagen renewal process is working.


Because Clear + Brilliant skin rejuvenation treatments are gentler than virtually all other laser skin resurfacing procedures, the results after a single treatment are modest. Our specialists tailor each treatment plan to the specific needs and skin care concerns of the patient.

When treating a specific condition, it usually requires 4 to 6 treatments to get the best possible results. You may also consider scheduling Clear + Brilliant procedures on a regular basis as part of your overall skin care plan.

Clear + Brilliant Skin Rejuvenation Cost

The price of this fractional laser treatment varies from med spa to med spa. The cost of Clear + Brilliant skin rejuvenation depends on the number of treatments needed, along with the specific issues being addressed.

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With the help of Clear + Brilliant skin rejuvenation in Albuquerque, patients can achieve effective skin rejuvenation, pore reduction, and more. Contact AlluraDerm MD med spa today for your informative consultation.

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