As the cold, winter months make an exit and the spring gets ready for its debut, it becomes time for your body to rejuvenate—including your skin!

With the dirt, wind, and harsh elements of the winter affecting your skin every year, it’s only natural to rid your skin of the dead cells that have been crowding your face.

Albuquerque Chemical Peels

The best way to cleanse your skin and free it from aged skin cells is a fresh, state-of-the-art chemical peel. A chemical peel can be beneficial to the skin in several different ways.

Health Benefits

There are many benefits tied to a professional chemical peel including the improvement of your skin’s health. A chemical peel helps your skin combat aging by removing the dead outer layers of the skin, revealing fresh, new skin and allowing the skin to absorb more nutrients.

With these extra nutrients, your damaged skin can repair itself back to its natural glow. A chemical peel also helps fight the effects of the sun and outdoor elements that cause skin damage.

Appearance Benefits

Chemical peels also offer a wide variety of added benefits to your skin’s appearance. By reducing fine lines and giving your skin a softer, smoother appearance, a chemical peel can help fight the effects of time.

Also, if you’re skin has acne scars or uneven pigmentation, a chemical peel can also help your skin fight future break outs and reduce unwanted discoloring. It’s important to consider a chemical peel if you want your dull skin to really glow this season.

Enjoy the benefits of a great facial peel from AlluraDerm MD Med Spa. There are many types of chemical peels. Depending on your skin type, our skin care professionals know exactly how to help.

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