Everyone hates unsightly skin blemishes, but few more hated (and more annoying) than cellulite. It’s the one condition that many are embarrassed of, but few know what to do to treat this condition. There are several safe and effective treatments that are available to help manage cellulite.

Simple Steps

Unfortunately cellulite can affect people that are both overweight or at a healthy weight. Many also have those pesky genes as a cause for cellulite. However, a basic treatment comes in the form of taking care of your overall health.

Since some of the causes of cellulite include lack of physical exercise, poor dieting habits, and dehydration improving your overall health may have an impact on your cellulite. Plus creating a healthy lifestyle is great for any reason! 🙂

Other Treatments

There are other medical procedures designed to help reduce cellulite, but you need to be cautious because some procedures can not only be expensive, they can have side effects and end up not being very effective.

  • Creams:

    There are several creams on the market today that claim to dissolve unwanted fat and reduce cellulite. However there is little scientific data to back up these claims.

  • Liposuction:

    Effective for the removal of unwanted fat, this treatment may sound good in theory, but it can create more problems. It can make the appearance of cellulite worse by creating more depressions in the skin where fat has been removed.

  • Mesotherapy:

    This European treatment calls for the injection of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes into the fatty tissue below the skin. While effective, these treatments can become expensive and only have temporary results.

While these treatments may be effective, to a degree, for some, they are not the most effective and cost-friendly solutions for cellulite.

Acoustic Wave Therapy

There is a new, innovate cellulite treatment called Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) that is showing positive results with little to no side effects. This treatment uses pressure waves that target the connective tissues that are responsible for cellulite. This process increases circulation, collagen production, and tissue elasticity, thus creating smoother and more beautiful skin.

When dealing with unsightly cellulite, you have many treatment options that can help you get the smoother skin you’ve always wanted. Consult your physician or local medical spa to find out more about your treatment options—and to give you more amazing skin!