What to Expect After VelaShape™ III | Albuquerque Medical Spa Explains

Just when you thought wrinkles were the worst part of growing older, I have some not-so-great news to tell you: Cellulite also becomes more apparent as we age, especially for women. This is particularly true for women, scientists say, due to a shift in hormone levels. Because cellulite is caused by pockets of fat that bulge between bands of connective tissue, age-related weight gain is also a factor. Thankfully, though, the science behind cellulite treatments is also improving with every trip around the sun.

At AlluraDerm MD Med Spa, we are proud to offer VelaShape™ III, the first non-surgical device cleared by the FDA that shapes and slims the body by reducing cellulite. This exciting technology uses bi-polar radiofrequency (RF) energy, infrared light energy, and vacuum massage to increase the metabolism of stored energy, increase lymphatic drainage, and shrink fat cells.

If you are considering getting VelaShape ahead of the warmer months at our medical spa in Albuquerque, there are few things you’ll want to know:

  • You may have a sensation of warmth for up to a few hours. This is temporary and normal, and you’ll be able to return to your everyday activities immediately after your treatme
  • At first, you may wonder if your cellulite actually looks worse. You may notice mild redness and bruising, which is brief and will soon subside.
  • You’ll see gradual improvement after the first treatment. The skin’s surface will appear to be smoother, but don’t expect to see your final results overnight or even in a few days. You can expect your cellulite reduction to be most apparent after about 6 to 8 weeks. Our patients tell us it’s well worth the wait.
  • You will probably need multiple treatments to achieve optimal results. VelaShape reduces cellulite and firms trouble spots in a few treatments. After that, occasional touch-ups are helpful to maintain the effects of treatment.
  • For best results, keep up your healthy habits. As with any treatment, you should eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly to promote longer-lasting results. This is especially important due to the fact that a poor diet and lack of exercise can make cellulite more visible.

Through April 30, all VelaShape treatments are 25% off at AlluraDerm. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

What to Expect After VelaShape™ III | Albuquerque Medical Spa Explains