Have years of sun exposure wreaked havoc on the appearance of your skin? Are you tired of having skin that is dull, lifeless, damaged and covered in fine lines and wrinkles? There’s an exciting treatment that deserves your attention: Fraxel®. Learn more about Fraxel® below.

What is Fraxel®?

Fraxel® is a special laser treatment that works to repair and restore damaged skin. Its name is derived from the fact that it works in a fractional way. In other words, it can be pinpointed on specific parts of the body. More than 500,000 Fraxel® treatments have already been conducted, and the treatment has received clearance from the FDA. Most importantly, it really works!

How it Works

When you sit down for a Fraxel® treatment, tiny laser columns are directed at the skin that’s in need of repair. These laser columns create microscopic wounds in the skin which triggers the body’s natural healing response. Once that response is initiated, new, healthier and stronger skin is created. This process actually remodels the elastin and collagen, which are the building blocks of radiant, gorgeous skin.

There are currently three different levels options in the Fraxel® lineup:

  1. Fraxel® re:fine—This option is designed for minimally damaged skin. It can also be performed between more aggressive treatments to keep skin in tip-top shape. When used regularly, it can prevent additional damage.
  2. Fraxel® re:store—For mild-to-moderate skin damage, re:store is an excellent choice. It involves three to six sessions, depending on the specific nature of the damage. However, there is very little downtime involved.
  3. Fraxel® re:pair—Skin that is showing signs of extensive damage will benefit enormously from this option, which is the most aggressive one. While it only requires a single session, longer downtimes are involved.

There’s no need to live with damaged, unattractive skin. With Fraxel®, it’s a breeze to reverse the effects of too much sun exposure. It works from the inside out to remove fine lines and wrinkles. Ultimately, it will allow you to put your healthiest and most attractive face forward.

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