Getting the Most from Anti-Aging Products

Getting the most from any treatment or anti-aging regimen is important because you want to be sure you’re looking your best. Oftentimes many give up on a regimen because they feel it’s not working for them. However, many times it’s how people use their products and treatments, and how they treat their bodies.

With any anti-aging treatments, like those by SkinMedica™ for example, you need to work with the products and maintain your regimen—you don’t simply use the products and hope for the best.


When starting, or even just using any product, think of your skin as a canvas. While it may seem strange to think of your face as a canvas, remember that you would start a painting fresh. A dirty canvas will only ruin your painting. The same is true with your anti-aging products. You must cleanse your skin both in the morning and at night. This ensures you wash off any pollutants like dirt, oils, and yesterday’s make-up.


When preparing a canvas, an artist will ensure the material is of the highest quality, in addition to preparing it for its work. Toning your skin can also help cleanse your skin, but it also has the very important job of restoring your skin’s pH balance. Toners freshen and moisturize your skin while acting as a way to prepare for your skin for anti-aging products.


Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and is the final preparation for your canvas to begin its treatment. Not only does exfoliating help give you brighter, healthier, and rejuvenated looking skin, it is also part of the purifying process that ensures your skin is clean and ready for anti-aging products. Plus exfoliating goes hand in hand with anti-aging treatments because its cleansing gives skin a younger look.

Simply applying and using anti-aging products doesn’t ensure you’re getting the most from your products. Be sure to follow your product’s specific instructions and remember that you must also take an active role in preparing your canvas. Only by doing your part, too, will you receive the full benefit of anti-aging products.