Protect your skin now; You'll thank yourself later!

Protect your skin now; You’ll thank yourself later!

To understand how to fight the causes of aging skin, you have to know what you are up against. There are two types of aging: extrinsic and intrinsic. Intrinsic aging is caused by the things we have little control over: our genes. Although genetics play a big role, preventative measures can be taken to slow down the extrinsic aging process.

Extrinsic aging is all of the environmental things that contribute to aging, some that are mostly out of your control—such as air pollution—and most that are in your control, such as smoking and eating right.

Aging Habits to Avoid

There are many things we do that contribute to aging. Some of them seem like common-sense, but many we might do every day without thinking about it. Aging habits to avoid include:

The Sun. You’ve heard it a hundred times (a thousand?) from us to stay out of the sun. UV rays that cause photoaging are the easiest route to rough, leathery skin, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, loose skin, spider veins…the list goes on and on. Wear physical protection like hats and sunglasses, and ALWAYS wear sunscreen, even during the winter, even on cloudy days.

Facial Expressions. Repetitive facial movements lead to wrinkles—just think of the 11’s between our eyebrows. Avoid repeated facial expressions like squinting and scowling, and invest in some preventative Botox® that relaxes the muscles.

Smoking Cigarettes. As if you needed another reason to quit. Smoking is not only expensive and bad for our health, it also damages our skin. Smoking produces the free radicals we are always trying to fight with antioxidant foods and topical products. Make sure your products are actually achieving what they should by not smoking.

Sleeping Positions. If you sleep with your face smooshed on your pillow, train yourself to sleep on your back. Sleep lines are wrinkles that eventually become permanent. They may show up on the cheek or forehead, depending on your sleeping position. Avoid this by sleeping on your back and with a silk pillowcase.

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